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Painted Blocks Galore!! – thanks Jennifer

Enfield Quilter painting blocks
Enfield Quilter painting blocks

Jennifer O’Brien of SewCraft provided a great presentation on fabric paints last night at Enfield Quilters!  She explained the qualities of the paints and provided a small trunk show demonstrating a few of the ways to use the paints.  She quickly progressed to the fun stuff – hands on, brushes flying, PAINTING!

Enfield Quilters painting
Enfield Quilters painting

With a table piled with Jennifer’s stencils for members to choose from – she dished out the paint (literally on a dishes at each table), loaded her own brush with paint, explained and demonstrated smooshing the paint, then everyone one was on their way to creating beautiful hand painted blocks.  We all got a first-hand experience to see how great the 404 spray on the back of the stencils worked in keeping the paint from running beyond the stencil edges, and how it also worked great for checking your progress in one area of the stencil and sticking the stencil back down without the it slipping to a different location.

Jennifer teaching us to paint on fabric
Jennifer teaching us to paint on fabric

Members provided a lot of positive feedback for the night.  Many people took home their painted blocks and some already had plans how they were going to use them.  The blocks that people didn’t take home will be incorporated into our donation quilts and with any luck be part of our binding bee in January 2016.

Thanks to Jennifer for coming and providing such an entertaining night!!

Oh, and although some of us went home with funny colored hands, no paint wars broke out, and no clothes were harmed in the painting of these blocks –  so all in all – a very successful night!! 🙂

Finger Painting at Enfield Quilters 11/18/15

Painted Cat Quilt
Painted Cat Quilt, Jennifer O’Brien

Well actually various forms of fabric painting with Jennifer O’Brien of SewCraft .  Jennifer has her own line of paints from primary colors to metallics and stencils (a multitude of them).  She’ll be going over a couple different painting techniques, just like art class in school – woohoo!!!

Did I mention our meetings are open to the public?  You too could be playing with paints and conversing with a great bunch of quilters!  No Paint Fights or you have to mop the floors and wash the walls  😜 .  It should be a great night of kindergarten fun for all!!!

Jennifer O'Brien's Twinkle Star ruler hand painted Cat quilt
Jennifer O’Brien’s Twinkle Star ruler hand painted Cat quilt

Here’s one of Jennifer’s painted quilts that I was lucky enough to get to quilt, it includes her new cat stencil.