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I Believe in Education

Want to get better at something? – search out knowledge or when it presents itself in say a show or shop, just sign up for the classes. MQX is just that opportunity.  Is it a great show with wonderful vendors – yes, but it’s also a great opportunity to attend classes with very talented instructors.

Bethanne Nemish binding book

When I started going to MQX quite a while ago all the classes were about long arm quilting (not so now includes piecing & fiber art). I would  take six or more classes in the course of a couple days and by the end of the show it felt like the new knowledge was oozing out my ears.  One instructor (I think it was Jamie Wallen) told us – if you don’t set aside time when you return home to practice what you have learned then you’re losing out, letting the knowledge you obtained slip away like a memory.  After he said that, I started keeping the next week or so of my machine quilting time open so I could practice and retain what I had learned.  I’ve learned a lot over the years, and he was right practicing after increased retention of what I had learned.

beaded binding & scalloped binding samples

So, better late than never, what did I learn at MQX this year? I didn’t realize it at the time but I signed up for two classes with the same instructor, Bethanne Nemish (she’s great).  One class was on her free hand edge to edge machine quilting technique which is beautiful and almost as important – doable design.  The other class was on some of her specialty knife edge bindings.

tongue binding & corded binding samples

We made four styles in four hours – that was a marathon class. The bindings are beautiful, incredibly detailed and time consuming but something I’d be crazy enough to use in one of my quilts.  For perspective,


Time consuming = regular binding time for a quilt X 20 but I love a good challenge.

Above are pictures of the sample bindings I made in class. So, go out and learn everything you can in classes, books or videos and like that instructor said – don’t forget to “do” what you learned or it will slip away.  Happy stitches!!

Thank You – Apple Valley Quilters & QUILT HAPPENING 4/22/17

Apple Valley Quilters were great hosts and what motivated members – their charity quilts and walker bag assortment were amazing. We covered the Never Truly Traditional lecture with a focus on Creative Muscle reviewing different ways to expand your creativity.  It was great fun and they asked some great questions.  Thank you for having me.

This weekend I dyed clothes, sky fabric and some tone on tone grey / black. Still ironing the 30 yards from the last batch so the 6 yards and a few shirts did not truly give my shoulders a work out during the multiple rinse process (LOL).

Dyeing tree fabric this coming weekend but only after spending Saturday with Ginny at Lost Acres for her 70+ Quilt Happening. This is a great event with a free lecture, items for sale like orphan blocks, tops, quilts, fabric, and she always provides snacks, not to mention all the goodies available in the Farm Kitchen.  My Mom, Grandmother and I always enjoy Ginny’s Quilt Happenings,  lots of people sharing a camaraderie of quilt interest and friendship.  Hope you can stop by, I can’t wait to go!!!

Ginny’s website for directions, event starts at 9am this Saturday, 4/22/17 (website has an old date, it’s this Saturday 🙂 ).