Monthly Archives: January 2017

Headed Home

The show is over, everything is packed and I’m heading home .  Except for the rain when we were packing up, the show was GREAT!!!  The people that attended the show were so friendly, we saw old friends and made new ones.  It was a good show, Jennifer and I always like being there.

Now United will have me in NJ for 5:30 am then a little plane to CT.  Had a great time but can’t wait to get home, my puppy is getting a little anxious and I can’t wait for her to jump into my arms.😊

Road to California 2017

So in this case silence for the last month or so means I’ve been busy, especially busy dying fabric to vend at Road2CA! I think this is our fourth year and we have a great time every year!

Yesterday started a little slow but got so busy we never ate lunch until 3pm. Today I gave a lecture to a little over 100 people on Machine Quilting on Your Featherweight. ( Thank you so much to the audience for being so friendly 😀). And right now I’m playing Class Angel in Jennifer”s Twinkle Star Floating Star class. What a wonderfully hectic day!

Two more days left to meet terrific quilters! We hope to get here early enough tomorrow to get a peek at the show. Jennifer has a quilt in the Fly Me to he Moon exhibit here so that will be fun to find. Stop in and say Hi if your in the area!