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Christmas Lists & Quilt Geeks

My family requires submittal of a Christmas Wish List no later than Thanksgiving night dessert. This actually works out well, Black Friday shopping is an option (not my cup of tea), plenty of time for internet shipping, and everyone is much less likely to have to deal with returns later.

My list screams Quilt GEEK every year – How do I define Quilt Geek in regards to Christmas presents?

I primarily request Quilt related books or videos for presents. This wouldn’t be bad until you discover, for someone out there pushing the boundaries of what is a quilt, I enjoy reading the history of quilts and women’s history as it all is so amazingly intertwined.  Some of the books that top my list this year include:

  • Textiles in America 1650-1870, Florence M Montgomery – one of the previous books I read noted a 300% mark up on textiles from Europe in the 1700’s and went on to cover some of the highlights of how textile printing developed in America which obviously impacted the styles of quilts being created by the different classes of people

  • Women’s Education in the United States 1780-1840, Margaret A Nash – women’s education was originally steeped in needle work skills, in fact it was believed that women didn’t have the constitution for the four R’s education but as this myth was slowly dismissed needles skills in education remained but with less emphasis, this also impacted quilting styles

  • Parlor Politics: In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and a Government (Jeffersonian America), Catherine Allgor – women’s behind closed door role in politics is just interesting



I know, not your typical rotary cutter or quilt shop gift certificate, that said, it does make me wonder what’s on other Quilter’s wish lists.

P.S. Sorry for the break in posting, my puppies have been sick lately.

Art Mart 2015 Tolland, CT

Wreaths and garland, and arts and crafts –  that’s what this event encompasses and all sales support the Arts!

Volunteers create beautiful wreaths decorating them with dried florals from member gardens at a starting price of $25, how can you beat that.  Add works from a variety of artists, from bookmarks to oil paintings, and you can not only decorate your house but get unique gifts for the hard to shop for all in one stop!

I’ll be purchasing my wreath Saturday morning, don’t miss this Friday / Saturday event.  This is our last show this year.

Bella the Quilting Puppy

Pete (white 90 lbs) & Boopy (fawn 40 lbs)
Pete (white 90 lbs) & Boopy (fawn 40 lbs)



Last New Year’s Eve we adopted Bella the Boxer which quickly slipped into Bella Boo, then to Boo Boo and since we have two boxer they temporarily became Boo Boo and Yogi (sorry Pete). Since the sound of Boo Boo reminded me of Betty Boop – finally, (hopefully) she is now – Bella when she’s in trouble and Boopy the rest of the time.

Boopy January 2015
Boopy January 2015

Boopy is a rescue dog with visible and invisible scars, she’s quite the little singer and although Doggie Daycare loves her they’ve deemed her the Mexican Jumping Bean 😜.  The invisible scars mean she’s also attention needy, thus a quilting puppy:

When I stand at my long arm there is a big dog bed underneath it which both dogs occupy regularly, but Boopy, being a puppy, gets bored rather easily.  When she’s bored Boopy likes to jump (we’re working on this).  The other day I had a quilting deadline and she wouldn’t stop jumping so,… I picked her up like a child and put her on my left hip, her front paws on my shoulder, and proceeded to quilt with my right hand (yes quilting one handed can be done, it’s the only way to “quilt things out”).  She watched the quilting for a while but, as luck would have it, was again bored easily and ready to get down and explore some other adventure.

I forgot how inquisitive Pete was when he came to hone from the Humane Society .  Boopy has broken a stained glass lamp among other things but Pete broke three crystal wine glasses, ate a bag of cookies and loaf of bread all in one day when he was younger – LOL.

Puppydom and quilting – not always the best mix, but an exciting one none the less! – did I tell you she likes to sit on my lap while I piece at the sewing machine???🐶